Health Benefits of Having a Swimming Pool

If you are looking for an excuse to treat yourself to a home pool, then consider just how much it will help you to improve your health and fitness, and how good it all is.

How a Pool is Good for Your Health A pool is good for your health in a variety of different ways.

First of all, if you have a swimming pool then this will give you a fantastic form of exercise you can do at home.

This is one of the very best ways to work out, burn fat, and build muscle. As a form of exercise, it’s better than running because it is low impact.

Compared to when you run on the roads there is less of a jolt on the joints when working out in the pool and this means you are less likely to wear out the joints in your legs from activity that may lead to arthritis in the future.

As a form of muscle building, swimming is also ideal because it trains the entire body.

You need your whole body to stay afloat and to propel you forward, and that means you work every muscle in your body.

There are very few exercises that truly do that.

And finally, as any kind of exercise, it has the distinct advantage of being fun and of being relaxing.

This means that you are simply more likely to actually do the work required to get into shape because it’s refreshing and enjoyable and because it’s right there in your home.

If you don’t have the energy to run a lap around the block or to drive to the gym or swimming pool, then this means you’ll still be able to easily train without tiring yourself out.


On top of all that a swimming pool is also good for your health even without the exercise – this is because it helps to encourage your blood flow, because it helps you to relax, and because it keeps you outdoors.

(Though an indoor pool can also help with these benefits too!)

Getting into Shape With Your Pool Once you have your pool it’s a good idea to come up with a strategy that can help you to get into shape quickly and easily.

If you train for around 30-60 minutes each time by swimming laps, and if you make sure to do this around 2-3 times a week, then that should be enough for a beginner to start seeing changes to their fitness and weight.

This should then be combined with a diet that’s low in carbohydrates and higher in protein in order to burn more fat and build more muscle.

Michael Murillo works with a group of Chicago pool builders and helps people in creating a unique swimming pool design.

Through his blog, he would like to share how a swimming pool can help you improve your health and fitness levels.